WP# 1: Brainstorming Solutions

Wicked Problem #1
How do we prepare studentsĀ for the lack of sustainable job opportunities and professional placement in arts related careers?

Wicked Problem 1 Notes

  • Better awareness of the opportunities that DO exist
    ie: grantwriting; tech skills; promotion through school/community connections
  • Improve networks
  • Effective tracking of jobs that align to skills developed through art/design education
  • Better instruction in professional practices/applied learning as part of the currciulum
  • Capitalize on the current popularity of “design thinking” which is already inherent to visual arts study; better branding
  • Focus less on artwork and more on “thinking”
  • Articulate process in accessible ways
  • Focus on pedagogy and interdisciplinarity
  • Utilize existing data that suggests job opportunities do exist in arts
  • Allow students to create their curriculum/learning–is this a viable approach?
  • Building confidence and demystifying career pathways and opportunities
  • Change the culture of art programs to be more open-ended, and not a set track
  • Highlighting value of an art portfolio and skills
  • Arts-administrative-like curriculum that is real-world oriented; discuss art-business; museum/curatorial knowledge; abilities to talk to funders and collectors
  • Co-op more effective/desirable opportunities than internships
  • Instill value of collaboration
  • Debunk “myths” about what it means to be an artist today
  • Supplement coursework with panels, conferences, exhibits, etc. in order to learn what it takes to be competitive
  • Create expectation of engagement
  • Demonstrate relevancy
  • Location relevant to programs in art