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This is a website supporting an interactive session planned for CAA 2019,  sponsored by CAA’s Education Committee.  We’re excited to also be working with CAA’s Students and Emerging Professionals Committee to plan and facilitate discussions on some of the “wicked problems” facing visual arts and humanities education today.

Please check back in the coming months for updates to the site.

Session Abstract

CAA’s Education Committee invites members across disciplines and institutional boundaries to take part in this interactive discussion-based session. Originating in the field of urban planning and design, the concept of a “wicked problem” refers to overwhelming social or cultural challenges that are difficult to describe and impossible to solve through conventional means. Indeed, such problems reveal themselves as “wicked” through their relentlessness to reach into overlapping areas of concern to affect a range stakeholders, who see the issue from different perspectives and propose varied solutions.  

Designed as a face-to-face forum where educators, students, and emerging professionals can discuss “Wicked Problems” in visual arts and humanities education, this session aims to foster creative thinking and collaboration among diverse participants invested in addressing pressing concerns in the field.  

Each speakers will introduce a specific wicked problem through brief remarks that frame the issue. Session attendees will then discuss problems in small break-out groups based on their area of interest. Group discussions will be facilitated by members of the Education and Student and Emerging Professionals Committees.

The session will take place on Feb. 14 at 4pm in Concourse G at the New York Hilton. 


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